Most recently …

Evaluation Consultant, Coach, Facilitator at Louise Greenstock Consulting (Oct 2013 to Jul 2017 and Apr 2019 onwards)

Selected most recent projects include …

Evaluation of the Bystander Training, Unpacking Violence (a resource on the non-physical forms of violence against women), The Line Practitioner and Educator Resources, the Training Partnership Pilot Project, and evaluation capacity building for Our Watch (Based at Our Watch 0.4 FTE Sep 2018 onwards)

Facilitated evaluation planning process for social enterprise Scarf

Developing a Strategic Plan and Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for social violence organisation Step Back Think

Evaluation of the Our 3021 health promotion and community empowerment project for the HealthWest Partnership

Evaluation of the Reducing Gambling Frequency in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities project for the HealthWest Partnership

Evaluation of the Advance Care Planning Initiative for Networking Health Victoria

Evaluation of The Buddy Project peer to peer oral health initiative for recently arrived refugee communities for the Centre for Culture Ethnicity and Health

Development of the Evaluation Framework for Health Champions, Healthy Together Victoria, for cohealth

Evaluation of the After-Hours Cross Cultural Communication Training for general practice professionals for the Centre for Culture Ethnicity and Health


Evaluation Consultant at First Person Consulting (Jul 2017 to Apr 2019)

Selected most recent projects included …

Evaluation of the Victorian Tumour Summits Project for the Victorian Integrated Cancer Services (Project Manager)

Evaluation of the Victorian Opioid Management ECHO for Primary Care Connect (Project Manager)

Evaluation of the Referral Decision Aid for HealthWest Partnership (Project Manager)

Evaluation of the Online Health Literacy Course for the Victorian Primary Care Partnerships (Project Manager)

Evaluation of the Secondary Years Kitchen Garden Project for the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation (Project Manager)

Evaluation of the Early Years Kitchen Garden Project for the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation (Project Manager)


A longer term look back over my path and experiences …

Academic experience

I was awarded my PhD from De Montfort University in 2009 for my research on multi-agency partnerships in the overlap between the school system and allied health services and the use of graphic symbols as a tool used by teachers and speech therapists for supporting children to communicate.

My post-doctoral position was at The University of Melbourne as a health workforce researcher, where I worked for 3.5 years (2010-2013) and was a chief investigator on ten funded research and evaluation projects, four of which I led.

I was also employed by Monash University as a research developer, which was a unique opportunity to provide coaching and mentoring to early career researchers.

During my time as a health workforce researcher I increased my skills in health program evaluation and in 2013 I went into consultancy in the NGO sector full time.


Coaching and facilitation

In 2011 I undertook my Advanced Practitioner in Life Coaching training and certification, which was accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

I also attained my Cert IV in Life Coaching, Cert IV in Business, and in 2012 my Certificate in Neurolinguistic programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy.

I then established a coaching practice, through my first business – Mind & Motive, and worked with clients one to one and created the Women’s Wellbeing Seminar Series and short courses in career coaching and creativity.

I have coached national sports teams, small business teams, and school teams. My coaching clients have included senior managers in the government sector, teachers, architects, and many more.


Academic publications, conferences, guest speaking & invited articles

I have authored or co-authored 11 peer-reviewed academic journal articles and an edited book chapter on interprofessional practice. In addition, I have published two professional magazine articles on my PhD research.

In 2012 I was selected to be the first Victorian Crusader for the League of Extraordinary Women and asked to write guest articles for Business Chicks and CommBank’s Women in Focus. I was also interviewed by Ruby Slipper, Beautiful You, Naked Ambition, and Cleo magazine as a featured expert on women’s wellbeing and women in business. In the same vein, I contributed to the 100% Project’s research subcommittee guiding research on women and leadership.

I have presented to a very wide range of audiences. In an academic capacity I have been on expert panels at conferences and given platform presentations.  Through my business I have been invited to speak for the League of Extraordinary Women, women’s networking luncheons, and events for women undertaking higher degrees.


Lecturing and training

Sessional Tutor (Personhood) (Bachelor of Arts at The University of Melbourne) 2017

Trainer for the Centre for Culture Ethnicity and Health (Health Literacy and Culturally Competent Practise) (2014-2016)

Sessional Tutor (Public Health) Master of Speech Pathology at The University of Melbourne) (2014)

Lecturer (Research Methods) (Bachelor of Human Communication at De Montfort University) (2007 to 2009)







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