Supporting Community Organisations

I have a huge amount of respect for social enterprises and community organisations. Supporting these organisations to evaluate their services and projects has been incredibly rewarding and insightful.

In three years of working as a consultant evaluator and many years as a coach and mentor, I have learned many lessons and tailored my services to enable me to support organisations in the most cost-effective and long-lasting ways.

I have distilled my consulting services for community organisations into:

If you would like to discuss how I can support your organisation, please email me here.  To read through Testimonials of those I have worked with as a consultant to community organisations, please click here.

Louise quickly gained a comprehensive yet nuanced understanding of our work and the broader sector. Her approach to work is collaborative, evidence-based and professional. The high-quality products she produces are a testament to her skills and ability to build relationships with a range of people.

A – CEO of NGO, Melbourne