Mentoring – A safe and loving space in which to feel fully heard

One to one supportive relationships keep us going throughout life. While we may relate well with groups of people and enjoy being part of them, I believe there is nothing like the quality of a safe and supportive one to one interaction with another person who is listening.

I have been providing one to one supportive coaching and mentoring since 2011. I am both qualified and experienced in coaching and mentoring others, enabling them to find their own way through whatever they are facing in life.

If you feel called to explore working with me in this kind of ongoing one to one mentoring relationship, please reach out and connect by email.

Having Louise as a mentor has been an overwhelmingly positive experience for me. Louise is extremely knowledgeable and strategic, but she is also genuine, kind, trustworthy, insightful and intuitive. To me, these are hugely important qualities for a mentor to have. Louise’s mentoring style has been a great fit for me – she creates a safe space for conversations to unfold at their own pace. Sometimes she will ask a certain question, or provide an analogy which will lead us to quite a deep place.

H – General Manager and Social Enterprise Founder


Executive Coaching – Confidential Debriefing and Uplifting Motivation

Over my years as a coach, I have developed a specialism in supporting people in leadership roles and senior management.

I have also coached a number of project teams and helped these awesome individuals feel more inspired and committed to their work.

I walk alongside any project or organisation I work with because I care and I want to see everyone feeling satisfied and fulfilled by their work and their experience of working with me.

I am currently taking on new coaching clients on a one to one basis as well as teams of all sizes.

Louise has a gift for inspiring people to discover their highest potential. She is an inspiring speaker and coach who brings authenticity, deep listening, intelligence and wisdom to all of her work. I enjoyed collaborating with her through the women’s wellbeing series. I would highly recommend her as a speaker, coach and program facilitator in the field of wellbeing and mindset coaching.

Eleanor – Coaching Client

If you feel called to explore how coaching could boost morale and well-being for you or anyone in your team or organisation, please reach out and connect by email.