I have known and worked with many people who are on the ‘frontline’ of dealing with complex social challenges and I have worked with many individuals who are searching for meaning and guidance in life and in their work. I have been one of those individuals.

I have studied and explored perspectives from a wide range of disciplines and found that the work of thinkers like C.G. Jung, Thomas Moore and Clarissa Pinkola Estés feels most like home.

As an academic, a researcher, a mentor, a poet and an enthusiast of the psychospiritual, I am devoted to restoring meaning and inspiration to my daily life and to bringing this to those who feel called to hear what I have learned.

As such, one of my greatest joys in life is speaking to groups of all sizes and bringing lightness, humour, inspiration and meaning through honest talks and spoken presentations.

I speak about ~

  • the cultural factors influencing societal injustices
  • the complexity of our current planetary challenges
  • ways to find deeper meaning in day to day life
  • the archetypal nature of group/team/organisational dynamics
  • the place of symbolism from ancient times to our current era
  • practices that can give even the most sensitive of us tools to navigate life
  • the importance of valuing people and living things

I have given talks and presentations for many diverse audiences over the years including:

  • The League of Extraordinary Women
  • Women’s networking luncheons and dinners
  • Events for higher degree students
  • Groups of academics and researchers
  • Large conference audiences
  • National sports teams

Please be in touch by email if you would like me to speak at your event, small or large. My location varies but I reside in both Australia and the UK and I can pre-record a talk and/or connect in via Skype.