“Louise Greenstock draws upon a rare combination of intellect, emotional intelligence and creative thought to deliver her consultation services. Her approach to helping her clients is motivated by a combination of a desire to support socially useful projects and organisations, and great empathy for the people who have to manage them. Louise balances keen analytical insight with a humane and gentle approach to consultation, making her an ideal consultant for working on complex projects and situations.”


“Louise quickly gained a comprehensive yet nuanced understanding of our work and the broader sector. Her approach to work is collaborative, evidence-based and professional. The high-quality products she produces are a testament to her skills and ability to build relationships with a range of people.”


“Thank you for making the whole process so involving and hands on. It felt like every one of us had a great opportunity to share our ideas, opinions and vision for the future. It’s pretty exciting to see where we will be heading thanks to this new strategic direction!”


“Thank you for helping us and managing this entire process amazingly! We are all so excited to put the new plan into action!”

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Mentoring, Coaching, Workshops & Readings

“Having Louise as a mentor has been an overwhelmingly positive experience for me. Louise is extremely knowledgeable and strategic, but she is also genuine, kind, trustworthy, insightful and intuitive. To me, these are hugely important qualities for a mentor to have. Louise’s mentoring style has been a great fit for me – she creates a safe space for conversations to unfold at their own pace. Sometimes she will ask a certain question, or provide an analogy which will lead us to quite a deep place.”


“Louise is a genuine, kind-natured and wonderfully extraordinary, intelligent person who I would recommend her to anyone.”


“Louise has a gift for inspiring people to discover their highest potential. She is an inspiring speaker and coach who brings authenticity, deep listening, intelligence and wisdom to all of her work. I enjoyed collaborating with her through the women’s wellbeing series. I would highly recommend her as a speaker, coach and program facilitator in the field of wellbeing and mindset coaching.”


“Louise is an intuitive and insightful coach whose passion and genuine caring shines through her work. She is without doubt talented, committed and capable of transforming lives.”


“Louise is an amazing coach. She has an incredibly natural and intuitive approach and the results I have achieved through my work with her have changed my life.”


“Louise’s guidance and support made me feel safe to try new and different ways of looking at things I was doing and trying things which I would have never dreamed of doing!”


“Louise’s approach was very nurturing and collaborative.”


“Thank you so much Louise for all of the help you have given me with my career goals. I feel as though all of the things we have worked through together have become so seamlessly a part of my life that I can’t actually remember what I was like before we started!”


“I feel more confident to be able to ask for what I want and need, not just in the workplace, but in all areas of my life.”


“Louise helped me confront my fears, weaknesses and barriers in a safe environment – I now feel more confident and stronger to deal with them constructively.”


“Louise’s passion for helping others is a gift. Thank you for your gift to me.”

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