Professional Mentoring – Scarf

Portfolio - Scarf

In 2014 I was fortunate enough to share a co-working space with the Founder of Scarf, Hannah Colman.  Meeting Hannah was a highlight of my career.  I was amazed by what her and her co-founder had achieved through creating Scarf and giving so many young people the opportunity to access high-end hospitality training, while being […]

Monitoring & Evaluation Framework – Step Back Think

Portfolio - Step Back Think

I was inspired by Step Back Think from the outset.  The organisation was established by friends and family of James Macready-Bryan who was severely injured in an act of senseless social violence in 2006.  Step Back Think has grown into an organisation campaigning for prevention of social violence in all its forms.  When I was […]

Evaluation – Our 3021 Project

Portfolio - Our 3021 Project

The Our 3021 project was a unique and pioneering primary prevention project in Melbourne’s West.  HealthWest Partnership, cohealth, Brimbank City Council and IPC Health worked in partnership to design and deliver the project with the local community.  The aim of the project was to empower members of the community to design and run their own […]