Demonstrate the

true value of your work.

Be more efficient and have

a wider impact.

How I Help...

Good work deserves support.

Good evaluation means better funding decisions.

I reveal the evidence that demonstrates the real value of your programs.

I empower you to be more efficient and have a wider impact.

Together, let’s demonstrate the true value of your work.

Louise Greenstock, PhD


These principles define my work…


I collaborate with kindness.

I listen with heart and mind.

I promote participation with courtesy and respect.


I perceive complexity.

I immerse myself in all you do.

I witness your work with empathy and discernment.


I craft robust frameworks with academic expertise.

I design evaluation methodologies that best fit your projects.


I share strategies that identify your weaknesses and strengthen your programs.

I empower you to be more efficient and have a wider impact.



Full spectrum evaluation.

Turn complex data into clarity.

Find out which evaluation methods are most suitable to your projects.

Provide funders with the evidence they need to fund you better.

Obtain high-quality reports, based on rigorous research.

Receive a clear understanding of your project’s impact, outcomes, strengths and areas for improvement.

Empower your people with evaluation skills.

Teach your staff to think like evaluators.

Demonstrate your commitment to evaluation and build the capacity of your organisation long-term.

The more your teams are involved in evaluation, the better the chances of collecting meaningful data, involving stakeholders in a meaningful way, and demonstrating your achievements to funders.

Capacity Building


Help your people work better together.

As a facilitator, I guide you and your colleagues to the best solutions with ease and sensitivity.

I can design and run one-off workshops, planning/strategy days, or a series of workshops, for you and with you.

Conclude the experience by receiving an engaging interpretation of the day’s outcomes.


I have worked with some great people…



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