In 2014 I was fortunate enough to share a co-working space with the Founder of Scarf, Hannah Colman.  Meeting Hannah was a highlight of my career.  I was amazed by what her and her co-founder had achieved through creating Scarf and giving so many young people the opportunity to access high-end hospitality training, while being mentored and supported to settle in Australia safely and happily.

I was even more thrilled when Hannah and I decided to work together on some evaluation planning and capacity building for her team, and then to do a high-level evaluation of their amazing ten week program.  The icing on the cake was to be asked to mentor Hannah.  This was such a joy and our one-to-one mentoring relationship continued for two years.  Certainly, Hannah taught me as much as I was able to teach her.  It was an honour and a delight to share strategic and evaluative knowledge and to troubleshoot problems and challenges together.  An experience I will always cherish.

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