I was inspired by Step Back Think from the outset.  The organisation was established by friends and family of James Macready-Bryan who was severely injured in an act of senseless social violence in 2006.  Step Back Think has grown into an organisation campaigning for prevention of social violence in all its forms.  When I was contracted to facilitate the development of their two-year strategic plan and monitoring and evaluation framework in 2015, the organisation was run by a group of amazing young professionals, including CEO Anna O’Halloran.

I worked closely with the team, and consulted the Board, and members of James’ family, to develop a strategic plan and M&E Framework that would guide the organisation for the next two years.  It was a very collaborative process and, much like all of my projects, I learned so much.  Anna and I were extremely proud of the two plans that came from this consultancy and I remember this experience very fondly.

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